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>> thank you so much for joining us today. happy thanksgiving. "cnn newsroom" continues right now. thank you so much. have a great thanksgiving. i'm in for ashleigh banfield. happy thanksgiving to all. quiet, calm and day of celebration. israel and gaza a cease-fire still holding. one side claiming victory. here in the states the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade kicks off. we'll take you there. they risked their lives defending our freedom. they are sending messages to their loved ones here at home. >> hi, paula. i can't wait to see you.
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>> thank you for your support. >> shout out to my wife and my two sons. happy thanksgiving and go falcons. >> thanks so much for joining us. a lot of people in the middle east are separating now but for different reason. >> the cease-fire sendi ining eh days of fighting. the truce is now nearly 24 hours old and appears to be holding. hamas has declared a public holiday to mark what its leeades are calling a victory. the man being parade r for making it happen is morsi.
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let's begin with you. what is happening or not happening now? >> reporter: it's such a difference to what we were going through just 24 hours ago when the streets were completely deserted. we were seeing out going rockets and feeling many more incoming rounds. right now the streets are bustling with activity. people out and about. we did see those celebrations beginning very shortly after the cease-fire was announced. there was another gathering at midday today. people calling this a victory on the one hand for hamas. others really out just for the pure simple fact that now they can go out without fear of being caught up in the violence. many are under no illusion this
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is a long lasting solution. >> do people in gau sau feel like israel will honor the agreement and that this truce will hold. >> reporter: there's no trust between their history. something of a test period to s see. it's currently negotiated in egypt right now with egypt continuing. the next phase is going to be whether or not the various restrictions on movements across the border. the israelis have said they will consider that. not entirely.
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# this is very much a first step at this point in time. >> thanks so much. fred, what's the situation there right now? >> reporter: well, the people here are also quite happy that there's no many rockets raining down on them. what you're not going to be seeing here on the israeli side is celebration. that's because people believe that hamas will regroup and fire rockets at israel again. here is what some people told me today. after a week long military operation and rocket barrages fired from gaza you were they're trying to get back to normal. in the town that suffered through so many air raid alarms this is the first time he can
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take his kid shopping without fear. >> you feel like you're back to life. >> reporter: you won't see people celebrating the cease-fire here. many saying it's did achieve the main objective of stopping rocket attacks. many fear the fire from gaza will start again as it has in the past. >> i think the government must go onto stop it for good. >> you think hamas is the winner then? >> maybe. yeah. i think hamas win. >> reporter: life was put on hold for most residents during the conflict. schools were closed and most businesses as well. many stayed indoors if they
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didn't have to go outside. now the mayor is busy getting the town up and running again. he says he believes rockets will be raining on his town again in the not too distant future. >> maybe the cease-fire will be a few day, few months. i don't think it will be more than a few months. >> reporter: it's not just the people trying to get back to normal. there have a large standing station here. many of the soldiers are packing up their gear and getting ready to leave this area. tanks, armored personnel carrier and a lot of other heavy equipment will return to their barracks. tens the tho of thousands of re. some feel the need to pray if not for peace then for a period of quiet.
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>> a lot of skepticism among israelis and soldiers whether it will last. what more are you hearing? >> reporter: most people believe it's not going to last. they believe that hamas is still there and still in power. they're going to regroup and try to smuggle weapons into gaza again. that's one of the big sticking points. hamas was able to smuggle so many weapons in. people here have seen all of this in the past. they've seen agreements before. they've seen israel forces go into gaza. it's always been the same that several months later they have found rockets raini ining down their heads again. people don't believe it's a long term solution. it's not something where i can see a lot of optimism.
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people have kept their children inside for the better part of last week because they were afraid to take them out. >> thanks so much. here in the states some people are giving up their traditional thanksgiving holiday to help others in new york and new jersey. they're helping areas hit hard by superstorm sandy. >> you ready to do this thing? >> these volunteers are spending the day lending a hand on staten island. volunteers are treating storm victims to a special having day deal. give me an idea what kind of turn out is expected and how grateful i'm sure people there are.
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>> reporter: there's a sense of emptiness. here is a bit of hope. this is one of the thanksgiving day meals that was prepared within two groups. the liquid church group got together to help the folks in staten island. they got money and supplies. they are helping people gut their homes. they've got fans that are filled with food and wheelbarrows and brushes and rakes. they weren't even thinking about thanksgiving. i want to speak to todd millson. you came out to participate today. >> i think that thanksgiving is
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day of giving thanks. we can have our thanksgiving any day. these people really need us right now. my wife is here running this block party. we came out to help the people. we're thankful for the opportunity to come out here and do this. >> what has surprised you most about the things you've seen. >> the people are receptive and thankful. they're spirits are higher than i thought they would be. as far as the homes, we just went into a home a couple blocks down and the water level was up to the second floor. i don't think i expected to see that. >> thanks so much. todd referenced this block party going on. we have two little girls working on art projects. a lot of kid lost their toys in the flood. they are having to start over.
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this home is being inspected by somebody from fema. things are still moving. it's not an ordinary thanksgiving. >> thanks so much for bringing that to us. appreciate it. some normalcy and tradition in new york today. 5,000 of them are getting front row seats to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. jason carol is there as he is every year. you are as traditional as the turkey on thanksgiving day. traditionally you're always there will at the parade. this year it's a little different. >> reporter: a little different. a really welcome surprise to so many of those families you can imagine. the parade was crowded this year. you can tell just from where i'm standing the weather was
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spectacular. parade organizers expected some three and a half million people lining the parade route. i'm sure you'll hear it was a record number of people that showed up. had an opportunity to sbeek family that lost everything. they said they were happy to see the large balloons and smiling faces. i want you to listen to a bit more of what they had to say when i know i caught up with them earlier this morning. >> very special family joining me right now. they're from brooklyn. lost their home accident occurring hurricane sandy. you decided to come out here today. this is a chance to escape. >> to get a different frame of mind. we've been staying at our friend's house for the last 21 days. this puts us in a good mode. it's something we wouldn't be able to do before hand an do
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something different for our kids. we can't go into our house. we have nothing at all. >> we're so grateful for everyone in the community. >> the community has pulled together. >> the school and friends and family. >> friend where is we're staying with. >> what so amazing is your attitude. you're out here and smiling and positive. this has got to be an opportunity for you to be together as a family and enjoy these moments being here. >> yeah. it's nice to forget. >> for a little while. for a little while until we have to go back. >> now that we've got you here any plans when you'll be able to go home. what are you going to do? you can't stay with friends for ever. >> we have a repair program that's working out. we'll see if they will come in an get us fixed up. their plan is to get us into a shelter before the cold weather
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comes about. >> reporter: the parade has passed us by here in central park west. it's way down now if central park south heading down on sixth avenue. as you heard from that one particular family families like that family are leaving with some good memories, some happy memories even if it was just for a few hours today. >> so nice it was a mild, sunny day there in new york city. thank you so much. log onto you'll find information on,000 attribute. >> hi i'm campaign charry serks
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susan rice is fighting back. she's been the target over her comments. senator john mccain and other lawmakers have been bashing her. now rice is saying no words in defending herself. what is rice saying? >> reporter: i wouldn't say she is bringing in new information. it's really what this administration has been saying from multiple sources. john mccain and some of the other republicans are accusing her of lying and misleading the american public and the
8:19 am
congress. she says she was given talking points that were preparing by the intelligence committee. now on the personal comments by john mccain, she is politely diplomatically firing back at him. >> when discussing the attacks at our facilities i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers. everyone particularly the intelligence community has worked in good faith to provide the best assessment based on the information available.
8:20 am
>> reporter: she hopes when they're able to talk or clarify the situation that she would explain what she says right there. congress has been looking into multiple committees, having hearings on that but more importantly there's an n fbi investigation and a state investigation. they are looking very definitively into all aspects of this and that report should be coming out in december. could slip but that's it. >> jill, rice also said she looks forward to being able to have further dialogue with senator john mccain and others. does that indicate or set the ground work that she believes that the white house will be nominating her for that u.s. secretary of state job? >> reporter: that is a good
8:21 am
question. the president has been praising quite a lot. he defended her saying if you want to go after somebody, talking to the republicans, go after me. she knows him well. she considers her a good candidate. she has a lot of experience. >> she is definitely in the running. nobody will know but secretary clinton says she will be leaving regardless at the end of this administration, beginning of next. >> i want to say happy thanksgiving to my son triston and my family and friends. thank you so my brother for the support. i couldn't have done it without you. ♪
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happy thanksgiving. daddy loves you. hopes you have a wonderful great turkey day. gobble, gobble for me and have a great day. daddy loves you and he'll see
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you soon. >> after stuffing yourself with turkey maybe you'll work it off by getting caught up in the black friday frenzy. the big shopping day is said to get under way tonight in some stories. employees at stores like target and walmart say they want their holiday. then there are those picking the red tag sales over family. some have been camping out in front of stores all week long to be the first in line. about 147 million people will shop this weekend. that's down from last year's 220 million. even with fewer shoppers experts predict more than 21 billion dollar in sales. that's up by almost two billion from last year. the most astonishing part of black friday is the chaos. here is the most shocking moments in town.
8:26 am
>> reporter: the stampedes, the gate crashing. the pushing. >> do not push me. it's a tv for god's sake. >> reporter: even tasing. shoppers consumed with a deal turning on one another. at this walmart last year one used pepper spray to fight suffocation in the crowd. this is black friday in america and connecticut shopper john daget loves it. this father of an 18-month-old has been camping out for years. one year he snapped photos as this crowd fought over $5 headphones. >> the shoppers just went beserk. people start lunging and grabbing. you see the arms go at once forward like a team of super heroes. >> what is new is shoppers turning on other shoppers. >> reporter: she says competitive shopping has gotten worse. so accepted on black friday that it's here to stay.
8:27 am
>> this piling on stores being desperate for consumers to come and shop, they will be offering deals. >> reporter: bad behavior has led to serious injuries even death tr crushed workers to shootings at stores. that's why best buy has been running drills this year on crowd control. they're so serious at this store, check out the plan on the black friday war board. >> we prep a lot for this. we make sure the line is being monitor monitored. we let in little groups so our employees aren't getting overwhelmed and neither are the customers. >> reporter: the tents, lines, mayhem. some shoppers say the only way to handle black friday is by declaring a shopping black out. >> people go crazy for a good deal. it's not worth it to me or my family. >> reporter: crowds are just part of obtaining rare black friday deals. >> i love it when they try to swing at you or anything.
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it's funny to me because everybody gets mad when you're the one with the items they want. >> reporter: consumer driven by competition no matter the cost. i love the holidays. and with my bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i love 'em even me. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every tim
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so far so good. the cease-fire between israel and hamas is going. they killed 163 palestinians and six israelis. palestinians took to the streets in wild celebration when the truce was announced. hamas declared today a public holiday to mark what its leaders are calling a victory over israel. a spokesman says hamas remains the enemy of peace. shuttle diplomacy by hillary
8:32 am
clinton helped seal the deal. some israeli troops have began pulling back. a once promising career, one that had people talking about a u.s. senate seat is over for illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. he resigned yesterday saying he needs to spend time restoring his health. jackson was treated for what was described as several serious health issues. including bipolar disorder. just two weeks ago he was reelected to a tenth term from his chicago congressional district. his troubles are far from over. he's the subject of a federal criminal investigation. ted roland is joining us from chicago. did jackson's move come as a surprise to most? >> reporter: people were expecting this over the last
8:33 am
month or so. there's been rumors he would be resigning his seat. it is a shock. 17 years as a member of the house has now officially come to an end the the reason for is his medical condition. he's been suffering from bipolar disorder and dedepression. he did submit his resignation letter to john boehner. he talked about his health and his accomplishments and also talked about the investigation that's ongoing looking into the possible misuse of campaign funds. they are my mistakes and mine alo alone. that part is interesting because sandy jackson, his wife, is an
8:34 am
alder person here in chicago. according to the wall street journal she is involved in this i think ve investigation. she's been talked about as a possible replacement. we haven't heard from jesse jackson jr. or senior on this. >> i just find it's so painful at this point for me not only to know that he won't be in the congress but to know that he's still struggling with a serious, very serious mental health issue. >> ted, is this an indicator this is the end of jackson's political career? >> reporter: well, i would think so when you look at the totality
8:35 am
of all that's happened to him in the last six, eight months. when you have the mental health sur issues, let's say he gets that under control, he still has this investigati investigation. he's in the negotiations of a plea deal with the feds. he may end up doing some jail time. part of that plea according to the sun times here in chicago was that he relinquished his seat. i would assume he's dead, but you never know. he's definitely loved here in chicago. >> he's got a lot of support. thanks so much. >> i'm rachel grurber. i'd like to say hi to my mom and
8:36 am
brother and dad. happy thanksgiving. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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afghanistan. just wanted to send a shout out to my family back in massachusetts. my beautiful daughter who is in college in southern california and certainly last but not least my beautiful wife susan. wishing everybody a happy holidays. happy thanksgiving and a very merry christmas. >> lots of people are still heading out to join family for thanksgiving dinner or line up for early holiday shopping sales. bonnie is here. looks like it's pretty nice weather almost everywhere for either. >> visiting family or going shopping. whether, shopping, family, these are all great topics that i love we're looking at strong winds. we're seeing windy weather from bismarck and across fargo. we've been tracking the gusts here at the cnn weather center. some are at 30 miles per hour. watch out for windy weather and
8:44 am
even snowy conditions into sections of north dakota, minnesota and michigan. here is where we're looking at expected delays. we have none now but we had fog out there earlier today and it may impact the airports in the south and also into minneapolis where we had low clouds. i want to talk temperatures because it's glorious across the northeast. new york city, everybody is enjoying the great weather. we can see we have temperatures getting colder but really nice. here is what's interesting. temperatures across parts of the plains to the south and midwest are above normal. this is not typical for this time of year on thanksgiving. we're seeing omaha, nebraska showing a thanksgiving of 60 degrees. enjoi enjoy it while it lasts. even up in minneapolis you'll be in the mid-50s. this is an unusual day. you can see a cold front is
8:45 am
coming in. that's going to change things. that will bring about rain to the northwest. we'll see temperatures start to gradually cool down. really the best news is that the cooldown doesn't occur until sunday. >> happy thanksgiving. thank you. thanksgiving is a chance to put it all in perspective, to remember that despite our differences we are and always will be americans first and foremost. today we give thanks for the blessings that are all too rare in this world. the ability to spend time with the one wes love, to say what we want and worship and there are brave men and women defending around our globe. to look them in the eye and tell them no dream is too big if they're willing to work for it. can i help you?
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hostess is free to sell off
8:49 am
its famous brand. a bankruptcy judge has okayed the company's plan to shut down and layoff thousands of workers. ing. a mediation failed. about 15,000 people will lose their jobs. the remaining 3200 will be let go hostess is hopeful someone will buy its brand. bargain hunters will have time to digest before hitting the stores. the shopping season starts a few hours from now. some retailers are bucking the trend. we see who is opening today and who is not. >> the toy shopping conditions are perfect. for the first time ever doors open thursday, 8:00 p.m. >> reporter: more and more black
8:50 am
friday is turning into black thursday. toys r us, target, kmart, walmart and sears are opening their doors to deals on thanksgiving night. >> retailers are trying to anticipate and meet the expectations of their so three number of retailers sort of test drive. thursday openings. >> according to the national retail federation 3% of thanksgiving weekend shoppers hit the stores on thursday. in 20109%. in 2011 24%. >> it's great for us, but not great for the workers. >> some of them honestly do not mind working. however, there are many others who do mind. there are many who want to spend it with their families. >> reporter: target employee sarah wiley is among the more than 360,000 people who signed an on-line petition on asking target to "take the high road and save thanksgiving." wiley was able to switch scheduled so she doesn't have to
8:51 am
work. >> thanksgiving is one of the few retail days off where many employees can just stay at home and enjoy the day with their family where they don't have to work, and that's one of the very few remaining holidays, and now that's being cut into even more and more. >> a spokesman says it was carefully evaluated with our guest, team, and business in mind. some stores are resist this change, keeping the holiday shopping tradition to after turkey eating hours. in fact, jc penney tweeted out, thanksgiving is for thanking, not shopping. >> it's just not worth my time to, you know, leave thanksgiving dinner or thanksgiving and company and buy a purchase. >> reporter: would you ever come out on thanksgiving and shop? >> no, absolutely not. no reason for that. you can do it all on the intbt now. >> reporter: in fact, thanksgiving is becoming one of the biggest on-line shopping days of the year, so some retailers say instead of letting shoppers do commerce on the
8:52 am
couch, it makes sense to get them in the stores. tory donan, cnn, washington. >> for more on black friday shopping, including which deals to skip, check out cnn >> hi. my name is captain rotkis, and i wanted to say happy thanksgiving to my husband in beautiful ohio and also to my parents, charlie and judery rotkis. happy thanksgiving. if you are one of the millions of men who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%.
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time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. a cease-fire takes hold between israel and hamas, but further to the north in syria, more chaos and carnage. a hospital in aleppo was apparently the target of a government air strike overnight. rebel forces say the blast killed at least 15 people. earlier this year the maternity ward at the hospital was badly damaged by an artillery shell. a total of 45 people have been killed across syria today alone. puerto rican boxer hector
8:56 am
macho camacho has been decred brain dead. doctors said tests were ongoing, but that has brain activity was irregular and intermittent. the 50-year-old was shot in the face while sitting in a car outside a bar tuesday night in puerto rico. the friend he was with was shot and killed. he fought policy professionally for more than 25 years. he took down legends, including sugar ray leonard and held several titles. in china a 10-year-old boy is rescued after falling into icy mud near a lake while on his way to school. take a look at the video. the third grader was stuck up to his waist and unable to move shivering and crying when firefighters got to him. it was just 37 degrees outside, and you can see they put a life jacket on the boy and then tied a rope around his waist. they dug for two hours before eventually pulling him to safety. and egypt's handling of the
8:57 am
cease-fire between israel and hamas has cast its president mohammed morsi in a few light. no matter how the truce plays out, his reputation has been enhanced. paula newton looks at the winners and losers in this conflict. >> reporter: however crude the calculation, especially amid the civilian casualties, there are winners and losers in this truce, and they are already reshaping political alliances in the region. we begin in egypt and president mohammed morsi clearly underestimated his handling of what a mine field of competing interests has given him much needed political capital in both the arab world and the united states. >> puts a civilian president in egypt perceived as a weak leader has much, to everyone's surprise, delivered. >> reporter: then there's israel and its tenacious prime minister benjamin netanyahu. after israel targeted and killed
8:58 am
hamas's military leader, he launched air strikes hitting more than 1,500 targets in gaza, dismantling some of hamas's arsenal of weapons. israel had a successful combat debut of iron dome. u.s.-funded defense shield that kept dozens of rockets from hitting israeli civilians. the counter point to that is ironic. hamas emerges a a big winner from this conflict and its truce. >> hamas has emerged stronger. it's consolidated control over gausa. they may yet manage to get an easing of the blockade if a more presence e deal welcome back done. >> look what they've accomplished. they, rather than abbas, has put the palestinian issue back on the international stage.
8:59 am
>> reporter: that brings us to those that have lost much in this conflict. mahmoud abbas and his fatah faction. the palestinian leaders were supposed to be the moderate peace brokers. now they can't even claim to speak for all palestinians and proved they have no leverage with hamas, their arch-rival. >> this is not a good outcome for abbas and the two-state solution. >> always a player, riran's han is arguably weaken the. iron dome shot hundreds of missiles out of the sky. what if israel attacks iran? can it still call on hamas to retaliate? in one week with one truce allies and enemies in the region have shifted again. this will have an impact on any peace negotiations going forward. cnn, atlanta.

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